Why the extra sale is important to you

He may or may not agree, but you attempted an extra sale by offering a solution to a problem much as you are not necessarily a salesperson.

As this column has averred, there is no sales, there is no service; there is only profitable service.

And, in keeping with this, today’s message goes to those who see themselves as only service- and not sales-oriented.  To grow yourself, the customer, and therefore, the business, it is not enough to just shave the client’s head because that’s what he asked for and, in any case, “As a barber, that’s what my job is.” No. It behoves you to point out to the customer while shaving his head that he has rashes on it or, a scab behind his ear and could he try this ointment you have which has helped others in a similar position?

He may or may not agree, but you attempted an extra sale by offering a solution to a problem much as you are not necessarily a salesperson. Likewise, it is not enough to stop at installing the system because as a technician that’s what you were employed to do; no. You were employed to give a profitable service. So while installing the system it is your responsibility to point out that, “The software you are using will need to be upgraded. Otherwise, the compatibility with our system is bound to run into headwinds in a year or two-we can help you with that. Let me know whom we can talk to.” Why wasn’t pitched by the salesperson? Because, at that time, the client was working with what was visible or simply did not consult his technicians. Both of you technicians are now dealing with the nuts and bolts of the matter and the problem is staring you in the face.

And you are not necessarily required to see the sail through. No. Just present the problem, and the contact person you were given, to the salesperson, and be ready to pitch the intricacies of the problem if needed. This presentation of the extra sale is complicated by those that do not do it. Some, because they fear that if they are successful in it they will be transferred to sales (which horrifies them) while others, just because, “It’s not my job.” Either way, you are limiting yourself and therefore, your potential to grow by aligning yourself to the heartbeat of the business.

It costs nothing but buys plenty when the cashier asks, “Would you like pineapple toppings with your pizza?”; or, the attendant at the sports shop, “You should try these socks with those shoes”; or, the waiter, “This meal goes very well with this wine”; or, as they do in online shops, “If you like this product, you will likely love this one”; or, on LinkedIn, “Those who searched for John Kageche also searched for Someone Else”; or, “Would you like covers with these ‘phones?” Learn from them,

Business is about profitable service. You are there to accelerate this. And not just for the business but for your growth.


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